Search Engine Optimization is critical part of online. Make sure web site is SEO comply – crawlable, indexable, contents are precise, to the point.

We provide following services –

  • Review and identify current SEO traffic, issues and build actionable custom reports
  • Identify all SEO comply and non-comply, work with you to build, install all technical issues
  • Work with product owners or service providers, build custom algorithms for precise content and build customer friendly content
  • Build custom SEO report, help to identify overall site impression, missing impression queries, CTR, Conversions, Low-conversion queries, High Exit rate queries etc
  • Build custom keywords, synonyms dictionary specific to site
  • Custom SEO sessions and train your team

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SEO Key notes

  • Content, content, content is key online business / service. Build user friendly content specific to your product / service, so people can understand and use your service.
  • Web site speed: Make sure your web site optimized and loads within 2 to 3 seconds. Check server response, optimize the images, use CDN(Contend Delivery Network)
  • Search engine specific meta-data: Make sure to have optimized Meta-title, meta-description, H1, H2.. structure data
  • Build backlinks: Backlink is key to rank your site. Make sure your site is linked on other site in good way. The other website should good domain and helpful for their user/customer. It’s like 100 people talking about you, then you will be popular; similarly, if country President/PM talking about you will trending across the country(good domain link to your site)

We do all and help you grow to next level.