Site Search

Site Search is critical part of any kind of web site. Its first interactive service on site. Make sure, Site search is built to bring the most relevant and up-to date content to customer.

Key point to site-search –

  • Relevance, Relevance, Relevance – make sure to bring most relevant information / products / service to customer for search query. Like someone coming to your store(or office) and ask about service or product, so make sure to tell the right information, otherwise – person will leave the site
  • Avoid biased results – always bring most helpful content / product to search query; this will build trust on your site and they will come back to your site
  • Provide custom / personalized content/products based on past history in alternative section or ask them are you looking this(personalized contents ?)
  • Provide alternative/related search suggestion at the end of the page – sometimes customer does not aware latest or similar things related to their search query
  • Index all site content to your engine – all user oriented contents / products need to be indexed on your search engine, update your search index as soon as it changes(like contents, images, price or inventory change)
  • Build right search interface – make sure to look all user oriented meta-data (like title, description, filters, specs etc)
  • Page rank – Build product rank / page rank for each page / content based page viewes, time spent page, exit after coming to that page, conversion of product(sale), ratings / review product / page, fresheness of product / page, inventory of product across the site or product catalog; this will help to rank page on search and navigation page
  • Review the search logs / analytics and see how your search is performing. Is people exit after search or click on search result(CTR) or time spent after search destination page or people exist search destination page or people do not convert or re-search based on initial search results etc.. This will give what people looking, what they looking and where to improve on site

We at will review your existing search, identify current search issues, root cause and fix. We will provide short term and long term search strategy, work with you to fix all search, content issues. Our goal is to bring the relevant information to your customer, and train/support you, so you can manage over the time. We will help any search engines(in-house built or third party engines).